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May 5, 2015
Maritimes Division's One-day Seminar
CETA - Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
(Canada-Europe Trade Agreement)

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International Federation of Ship Masters Associations 40th Annual General Assembly


See how much fun we had
2014 Nautical Skills Competition Newsletter



39th Annual General Assembly of
The International Federation of Ship
Masters’ Associations Rialto Intercontinental
Hotel,Melbourne, Australia16th and 17th April 2013


Paper delivered in Melbourne by Capt. Peter Turner

Places of Refuge by Views and Positions Committee 

Video from 2013 Nautical Skills Competition in Newfoundland 


Executive Summery
2012 Summer Academy at the
International Tribunal for the law of the sea
Canadian Council of Master Mariners'
By Will Russell

"The Company of Master Mariners of Canada is a professional association for those qualified to command.  It was established to encourage and maintain high and honourable standards within the nautical profession, further the efficiency of the Sea Service, and uphold the status, dignity, and prestige of Master Mariners."