Master Mariners of Canada

Baugh Memorial Fund

The “Fund” was first started in 1979 with a $5000.00 bequest in the Will of Mrs. Jean Baugh, the first secretary of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada, and the widow of Captain G.O.Baugh, who was one of the founding members, and a past National Master.


The Company of Master Mariners set up the “Fund” for the purposes of providing scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance to persons interested in furthering their education in Canada, in marine navigation and technology.


The “Fund” was set up as a trust fund, registered with Revenue Canada, and is listed as a charity for income tax purposes. This allows the “Fund” to issue receipts which can be used for income tax deductions.


Although the “Fund” was set up by the “Company”, it is administered by Trustees of the “Fund” and not by the executive of the “Company.” The agreement of the “Fund” stipulates that it can run for twenty one years after the disillusionment of the Settlor, (the Company of Master Mariners of Canada).


Part of the rules set out by Revenue Canada, dictate that the “Fund” must expend 80% of the monies collected during the prior year, when Income Tax deduction receipts were issued. Any monies collected, when no receipts are issued for income tax deductions, are not subject to this rule.


Donations are most welcome from any person or persons, and are solicited from members of the “Company” quite regularly. All persons who are interested in furthering the objectives of the “Fund” are asked to make contributions through the Administrator of the Fund. The Administrator of the “Fund” is also the National Treasurer of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada.



2. Application Requirements.

(a) Applicants must be a Second, Third or Fourth Year Nautical Student or a Navigation Officer planning to attain or upgrade Nautical Certification.
(b) A complete application must be submitted to the Administrator of the “Fund”, address below, including the following requirements, prior to September 30th. of the current year.



3. Application Details.


(a) Applications are received from candidates prior to September 30th. and the Trustees announce the recipients, generally in October/November, of each year.

(b) Submit a brief biographical letter citing educational history, marine experience, also career and vocational aspirations. In this section it is recommended to specifically detail the Nautical Certificate sought.

(c) Provide on one page a budget outlining your anticipated income and expenses for the period of study for which the Scholarship is being sought.

(d) Provide two letters of reference relating to previous employment or education.

(e) Provide proof of registration at a Nautical College or a copy of correspondence indicating that acceptance at a college will be granted for the planned studies.



4. Please address your application to:

The Captain G.O. Baugh Fund,
c/o Capt. Jack Gallagher,
5591 Leeds Street.,
Halifax, NS.
B3K 2T3

The following information is from the “TRUST AGREEMENT”



1. Operation of Fund The Fund may solicit and accept donations from the public at large, including:


(a) Members of The Company of Master Mariners of Canada and other related marine organizations;

(b) Fishing Companies;

(c) Shipbuilders and repairers;

(d) Shipowners and shipping agents;

(e) Marine insurance brokers underwriters; admiralty lawyers;

(f) Stevedoring companies and marine suppliers;

(g) environmental organizations;

(h) all other persons interested in furthering the purpose of the Fund;


A selection committee consisting of Trustees of the Fund shall solicit applications for the scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance to be provided by the Fund, by publicizing the existence of the said scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance with recognized educational institutes within Canada.


The criteria for selecting the recipients for the scholarships, bursaries and financial assistance shall be based on the following:

(a) Merit and scholastic achievement — 50%;
(b) Need — 50%.


In no event shall any person receive more than one scholarship, bursary or other financial award from the Fund.


The selection committee will put their recommendations to the National Council, the governing body of The Company of Master Mariners of Canada and the National Council will make the final determination of the recipients.”