Capital Division 



The Capital Division (Division) of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada (Company) is located in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The Division is charged with representing the Company’s interests at the national level with the Federal Government, Public Service, Agencies and Members of Parliament and the Senate. The Division serves to promote, enhance and preserve the position, professionalism and reputation of Canadian mariners in general and shipmasters in particular and to fulfil a national advocacy role with Government and other Professional Marine Organisations on behalf of the marine community.



Master: Captain Michael Hubbard
[and National Assistant Master]
Deputy Master and Webmaster: Captain Thomas Brooks
Secretary: Captain Brian Thorne
Treasurer: Captain David Jenkins
National Officer: Captain Ian Marr
National Officer: Captain George Legge
Divisional Officer:
Captain John Daniels
Divisional Officer: Captain Amanda Slade
Past Master: Captain Miriam Van Roosmalen

Capital Webmaster for comments and suggestions

Capital Division can be contacted at:
Company of Master Mariners of Canada
Capital Division
P.O. Box 56104
407 Laurier Avenue West
Ottawa ON  K1R 7Z1