The Company of Master Mariners of Canada was incorporated by Federal Charter on May 11th, 1967, with its National Office in the City of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Company was established to encourage and maintain the high and honourable standards of the Nautical Profession, further the efficiency of the sea service and uphold the dignity and prestige of Master Mariners.

Membership includes men and women actively engaged in deep sea shipping, both ashore and afloat, coastwise shipping, tug and barge operations, stevedoring, pilotage, marine surveying, salvage and marine law. In all, a group of independent Master Mariners, whose expertise covers most fields of the shipping industry. Under the terms of its Charter, the Company is pledged to be available to constitute a body of experienced seamen to act as members of, or to hold seats on, or to give evidence before Royal Commissions, or boards of any description. These members of the Company would also be available for advice or consultation on all questions affecting judicial, commercial, scientific, educational or technical matters related to the Merchant Service.

The Company provides the opportunity for discussion and systematic study of Safety of Life at Sea, Navigation and its associated systems and methods, and in general provides the opportunity to encourage and develop education, training and qualification of Officers and Men for the Merchant Service. The business of the Company is non-political and is carried out without any pecuniary gain to its members. All income accruing to the Company is applied towards the promotion of the objects of the Company as set out in the Letters Patent.

Holders of the following certificates may join as Members: Master Foreign Going, Master Home Trade, Master Inland, or the present M.M., ON1, or CN1.

Holders of the following certificates may join as Members or Associates depending on additional service or experience:

  • Command Certificate, Coast Guard Command Certificate, or Fishing Master 1;
  • Holders of certificate issued in other countries may be accepted on an equivalent basis;
  • Holders of other certificates may join as Associates; and,
  • Companies or persons who wish to be associated with the aims of the Company may join as Corporate or Companion members

For your convenience a blank Application Form is attached as a pdf file. Please copy, complete and mail to either the National Office or the Divisional Office nearest you.