Master Mariners of Canada

Capital Division Events


Draft 2 and FINAL – Incorporating comments from Capt’s Iskandar, Jenkins, Parfett, Legge and Brooks
For approval at the next Divisional Council Meeting.

Minutes of the Divisional Council Meeting October 30, 2019, held at the
Sir John A. Pub, 284, Elgin Street, Ottawa.

 Present: Captains:- George Iskandar (Master) David Jenkins (Treasurer),George Legge (National Officer), Chris Parfett (National Officer) Ian Marr (National Officer)and Brian Thorne (Secretary).

1. Quorum. There being a quorum, the meeting commenced at 1210 hrs.
Capt. Jenkins pointed out that in the By-Laws a quorum for any meeting was “5 Members”. But he pointed out that the “Practices and Procedures Guide” now indicates that for smaller Divisions, where a quorum of 5 is impracticable, a quorum may be reduced to 3 voting members. He assumed we could be judged to be a smaller Division.
2. Agenda. Draft approved with the addition of “Other Business” – items:
– Battle of the Atlantic – Captain Brooks information concerning the event was to be incorporated.
– Captain John Daniels. It was agreed that his membership as an honorary member should be placed on record.
– Captain Iskandar wished to consider – the last National AGM, a Master Plan for the Division and for each Officer to identify their responsibilities in the Division. The Company requires each with specific responsibilities to have a designated back-up.
3. Regrets. Were received from Capt. Tom Brooks, away with a heavy cold.
4. Minutes for last meeting – As there has been no meeting of recent note, none were presented.
5. Responsibilities of Capital Division’s Officers with their designated back-ups.
– Captains
– G. Iskandar – Master
– T. Brooks – Deputy Master and Web Master
– B. Thorne – Secretary. Backup – G. Legge
– D. Jenkins – Treasurer and Membership Officer. Back-up C. Parfett
– G. Legge – Liaison Officer with D.N.D.
– I. Marr – Divisional Historian and Advisor
– C. Parfett – Officer at Large
6. Divisional Meetings
Captain Iskandar commenced this topic:
– It was explained that the previous practice was to hold 3 or 4 a year, primarily to provide guidance to the Master in order to respond to National’s requests. It was agreed that this practice would continue.
7. C.M.A.C.
In the past the Division regularly attended these bi-annual meetings to represent the Company. However feed-back from the Company as to what position to take was not forthcoming and as the Division did not feel it should be recorded as taking a position – which would be assumed to be that of the Company – the Division no longer attends on its own merits (but some members attend of their own interest)
– Capt. Marr felt it useful for the Master to examine the C.M.A.C. National Agenda to see if the National Company would wish to take a position.

8. Division’s Direction
Captain Iskandar stated we should concentrate on devising a position/plan on three topics:-
– Local
– National
– Social
9. Christmas Get-together
It was agreed hat it would be planned for February/March. Issues were:
Weather/atmosphere suitable for our female companions/accessibility.
10. Master’s Issues
– Captain Iskandar raised these issues:
It was reminded that after the November 11 Ceremony, our Members are invited to a luncheon at the Château.
Captain Van Roosmalen. The Master was interested to know why a West Coast based member continued with her Membership here. It was explained that she had been a long term Member here and wished to remain on this Division’s membership
– Quebec membership. It was explained that a few years ago National had been approached by Mariners in Quebec to form their own local Division. In the meantime National attached these Mariners to the Capital Division without reference to us. It was stated that these members still planned to open Divisions in Montreal or Rimouski, or both. Captain Jenkins felt strongly that these non-aligned members should be dealt-with directly by National HQ rather than through the Capital or any other Division. The meeting felt that this Division should not continue receiving the Division’s portion of the Quebec dues. Captain Thorne raised the concern regarding the issues of providing proceedings in French.
Captain Iskandar stated that he would raise the problem with Captain Lantz and, if possible, have him appointed Special Director for the Quebec Region to see if there could be a resolution.
Captain Iskandar advised that National expects 4 quarterly reports from the Divisions as follows: January from Vancouver Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. April from Maritimes and Vancouver, July from Great Lakes and Fundy, October from Capital and Quebec (if organised)
11. Other Business
– Captain Daniels. Capt. Thorne confirmed that the letter from Capt. Iskandar and the duly signed Company Certificate had been posted to Capt. Daniels thereby enshrining him as an Honorary Member.
– Captains Thorne and Jenkins expressed concern regarding the Division’s records being held by them and which in the not too distant future would be required to be moved from their homes. Captain Iskandar stated he would check the issue with Capt. Lantz
– Passing on Captain Brooks advice: Captain Hall, of the Fundy Division, would lay the Company wreath (already provided) at the Cenotaph on November 11.
Dues. It was agreed that the Company Dues would be increased as follows;-
Full Member $200 to $300
Senior Member $100 to $150
Associate Member $100 to $150
Corporate $215 to $325
– There had been no increase for the last 5 years.
– Captain Legge wondered why the Company required extra monies when the National Headquarters’ held some $150,000 in the bank. Captain Marr explained that it had originally been planned that the Company would establish its own permanent office and staff. But this didn’t come to pass.
9.        Next Divisional Meeting            At the call of the Chair.
10.          Adjournment Unanimous

the meeting adjourned at 1340.
Signed   …………………………………….     Brian D. Thorne, Secretary
Signed   …………………………………….    George Iskandar, Divisional Master
dt Nov. 9, 2019