Master Mariners of Canada

Company of Master Mariners of Canada Foundation

Description of the Foundation


This article is intended to explain to Members the origin and status of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada Foundation


Some time ago at an A.G.M. in Halifax it was proposed by Capt. Edgar Gold that the Company develop a scholarship mechanism which was not only National but also a true Charity for income tax purposes. This concept was to be almost like an umbrella organization which could grow its base, over the years, in a way that the Capt. G.O. Baugh Memorial Fund could not. In other words, instead of providing qualified nautical students with money to buy some books ($1000) the Fund would try to support tuition fees and research expenses at a level more in line with corporate sponsors and schools. It has taken approximately two years for the Foundation to come into being.


The National Council set aside $10,000 for legal fees and costs and appointed Capt. Andy Whitelaw, the National Treasurer, to steward the process towards reality. The Foundation received its Letters Patent, on October 8, 2003, and thereby became recognized as being incorporated under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act. However, this was just the technical beginning. It was then required to bring reality to the “Foundation” in terms of management and financial support. Both were forthcoming at the October 30th, 2004 National Council meeting in Saint John, N.B. Up until then the Directors of the Foundation were Capt. Andy Whitelaw (President), Captain Peter Ireland, & Capt. Ed Winter and Capt. Kathie Lawson was appointed as the Administrator. On that day each Division, represented by the Master also became Directors of the Foundation along with Capt. John Greenway, the current Education Chairman, who will eventually take over as President. Capt. Lawson was elected as Members Moderator. All present members of the “Company” automatically become members of the Foundation and all have a role to play.


After the new Directors were appointed the stage was set to receive funding. The Maritimes Division presented the Foundation with a cheque from the profits of “Safer Ships, Competent Crews II” and the Great Lakes Division donated the proceeds from the Captain John and Anne Storey bequest fund followed by a cheque from the Montreal Division and an explanation from Capt. Whitelaw that the National would contribute funds remaining from the start up costs. The “Foundation” has a current bank balance of approximately $32,500, which is a healthy start to this important initiative. The following sections -Mission, Vision, Goals and Plan are the keys to understanding the direction and future of the Foundation.




The Company of Master Mariners of Canada will, through the Foundation, become recognized nationally as a leading financial supporter of professional Marine Education.


The CMMC Foundation will financially assist to educate those pursuing an active career in the Marine Industry. Through scholarships, bursaries and grants the Foundation will support research projects, conferences and other initiatives which advance professional education and public knowledge of Marine Industry issues. As a volunteer non-profit corporation any scholarships given out will be free and clear and non-aligned in a corporate manner.




To develop and create a fund raising program which is self sustaining over the decades but will be capable of realizing the Vision over the first three years. Initially funding will be raised from corporate sponsors and through member’s donations and bequests.


The Plan


At present the plan for the first three years is for the Foundation to undertake the following:

  • Commence a sustainable program by raising funds from the business sector, from individuals and from members either by donation or bequest.
  • Provide scholarships on the national level for a select few excellent candidates enrolled in Nautical Education programs. The amounts of these awards, to be determined annually, will be sufficient to make a real difference for the student. Support Conference concepts with start up capital with a view to realizing investment pay back without interest and a share of any profits realized.
  • Begin a communications plan which will maintain ongoing industry and public awareness of the Foundation?s goals and progress. This initiative will tie in with the Company’s communications goals.
  • Develop a ten year plan (to include support of research projects) and a long term plan.


In summary, the Company of Master Mariners of Canada Foundation is up and running and open for business. Please contact your local Division Master for ideas on how you can help build the Foundation into what it must become. See also the sections on Planned Giving and Frequently Asked Questions.


Prepared by Captains Ireland, Wallace & Whitelaw. October 2005