Master Mariners of Canada

Membership Activities – Capital Division

Membership Activities – Capital Division


To be a member of The Company of Master Mariners of Canada is to make a clear statement of your commitment to the furtherance of all aspects of your chosen profession. A copy of our Brochure is attached as a pdf file.


Occasionally prospective members ask a question about the role they will be encouraged to play as a member. The short answer is: the level of commitment for members is just what they personally believe they can handle.


We have an Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in late summer or early fall to manage the business of the Division and all members are encouraged to attend. Often we hold this AGM at the same time as a summer/fall social gathering.


Capital Division holds several Council meetings during the year to keep up with National and local issues. Only Council members may attend these meetings; however, from time to time some members are invited to attend and report if they are engaged in special projects or on an ad hoc working group.


The Divisional Council is always open to members who may wish to volunteer their services by accepting one of the executive positions. These positions are: Divisional Master, Deputy Master, Past Divisional Master, Treasurer, Secretary and three Councillor positions for a total of eight. There are as well openings on the National executive which are advertised from time to time.


There are usually opportunities to serve on special projects and/or ad hoc working groups such as our present Strategic Plan Development Group. These are also voluntary. There are more opportunities in the larger Divisions for members to involve themselves in maritime matters; however, our smaller Division located in the National Capital plays an important role in monitoring Federal Government and National Non-governmental maritime initiatives and concentrates on that function.


The Company has a national newsletter and members are encouraged to submit articles for publication.


Members are encouraged to write and publish papers on subjects that can contribute to the advancement of the maritime industry and to raise the profile of the Company. You may call on the combined expertise of our membership to peer review your papers for accuracy and topical interest before publication. Papers on your personal seagoing, maritime and war experiences are also welcome.


The Company’s recent affiliation with the International Federation of Shipmasters’ Associations (IFSMA) has broadened our scope as an advocate for the interests of Canadian Shipmasters.


Finally, the Capital Division hosts a Christmas social event and all members are encouraged to attend this event if at all possible.


Finally, the Capital Division hosts a Christmas social event and all members are encouraged to attend this event if at all possible.


Career Opportunities


From time to time this space will be used to notify members, and interested persons, of career opportunities that come to our attention.


The Veterans Review and Appeal Board (Board) was created in 1995 by an Act of Parliament. The Board is an independent Board with full and exclusive jurisdiction to hear appeals from the decisions of the Minister of Veterans Affairs. The Board may affirm, vary or reverse the Minister’s decisions, or refer decisions back to the Minister for reconsideration. The Board is completely independent from the Department of Veterans Affairs.


In the future positions on the Board will be advertised in the Canada Gazette and on the Board’s web site at Veterans Review and Appeal Board (Board). Company members may be interested in applying for these positions when they become available — the pay is fixed by Order in Council within the salary range $88,900 to $104,600, which has been in effect since April 1, 2004. Follow the link for more information on these positions.