Master Mariners of Canada

Asian Gypsy Moth

Adopted – January 2015



The Asian Gypsy Moth is considered an invasive species with specific regulatory requirements for ships entering Canada from counties known for the spread of the Asian Gypsy Moth.



Canada through the Canada Food inspection Agency has designated two inspection stations, one for each coast. Because of this, ships destined for ports other than the designated inspection ports must incur additional cost and time to steam to these ports and in some causes vessels with hazardous or dangerous cargoes must spend additional steaming time in Canadian waters adding to increased risk in Canadian waters.


Proposed Position

That the President of the Master Mariners of Canada write to the Minister of Health as well as the Minister of Transport outlining our concerns and providing a recommendation that inspectors from the CFIA be available to travel to any ports of call in Canadian waters to provide inspection services as part of their mandate. This will help ensure that shipping/trade remains safe, cost effective and productive without undo regulatory delays and hardship.



Decision taken was to not pursue this as it was deemed to be a shipping industry issue and they are well positioned to deal with this through their respective associations and lobby groups.