Master Mariners of Canada

Views & Positions

Asian Gypsy Moth

Adopted – January 2015   Background The Asian Gypsy Moth is considered an invasive species with specific regulatory requirements for ships entering Canada from counties known for the spread of the Asian Gypsy Moth.   Issue Canada through the Canada Food inspection Agency has designated two inspection stations, one for each coast. Because of this, […]

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Places of Refuge

Adopted – January 2014   Background ‚ÄúPlaces of refuge” – addressing the problem of providing places of refuge to vessels in distress   Support Support the ancient doctrine of Ports of Refuge and support the clarification of international law of said doctrine.

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Criminalization of Seafarers

Adopted – January 2013   Background Criminalization of Seafarers is a very sensitive issue especially in light of recent cases such as M/T Hebei Spirit, M/V Tosa, etc., that has highlighted the vulnerability of the seafarers to unfair trials in foreign lands resulting in detention/imprisonment without even being proven guilty. The trend unfortunately sees seafarers […]

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