Company of Master Mariners Foundation

Company of Master Mariners Foundation

The “Foundation” was created in 2003 as outlined in a Letters Patent incorporating the “Corporation” as registered under the Canada Corporations Act.  Through members, Directors, meetings and by-laws, the Foundation’s objectives are as follows:

 -(a) to provide funding for award scholarships, fellowships, bursaries and prizes to persons enrolled in approved courses in nautical studies and maritime affaires for professional development at a recognized institution in Canada based upon either or both financial needs of the students and scholastic excellence.

– (b) Provide research grants, bursaries and prizes and promote exchange and dissemination of research findings.

– (c) Develop, fund, administer, promote and carry on activities for the advancement of education relating to marine issues through courses, seminars, conferences, communications, publications and public meetings.

– (d) Receive gifts, bequests, trusts, funds and property and beneficially, or as a trustee or agent, to hold, invest, develop, manage, accumulate and administer funds and property for the purpose of disbursing funds and property exclusively to registered charities and “qualified donees”  

-(e) conduct any and all  activities and exercise any and all suck powers as are necessary for the achievement and furtherance of the purposes of the Corporation. 

Incorporating “funds” from  1979 with a $5000.00 bequest in the Will of Mrs. Jean Baugh, the first secretary of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada, and the widow of Captain G.O.Baugh, who was one of the founding members, and a past National Master, over the years, the Foundation has grown to its current status.

Additional “funds” were received from the Capt. John and Ann Storey bequest from the Great Lakes Region, and newer financial generous support in memory of Captain Angus MacDonald and Capt. Rick Gates families have added to the Foundation’s strength and financial stability.

Further, the Foundation has been set up as a trust fund, registered with Revenue Canada, and is listed as a charity for income tax purposes. This allows the “Fund” to issue receipts which can be used for income tax deductions.

Although the “Foundation” was set up by the “Company of Master Mariners”, it is administered by Trustees of the “Foundation” and not by the executive of the “Company of Master Mariners” thus providing further oversight and management.

Donations are most welcome from any person or persons, and are solicited from members of the “Company of Master Mariners” quite regularly. All persons who are interested in furthering the objectives of the “Foundation” are asked to make contributions through the Administrator of the Fund.   Please contact Captain Jim Parsons at or Captain John Ennis  at

or any of the Company of Master Mariners Divisions for further information.

Foundation  Application for Scholarship Support

Scholarships will be awarded as determined by the Foundation in memory of Captain G.O. Baugh, Capt. John and Ann Storey, Capt. Angus MacDonald, and Capt. Rick Gates, and others as determined appropriate by the Directors of the Foundation.

Scholarship Application Requirements.

(a) Applicants must be a Second, Third or Fourth Year Nautical Student or a Navigation Officer planning to attain or upgrade Nautical Certification.
(b) A complete application must be submitted to the Administrator of the “Foundation”, address below, including the following requirements, prior to September 30th. of the current year, and as communicated by the Foundation to appropriate marine schools and other interested parties.

Application Details

(a) Applications are received from candidates prior to September 30th. and the Trustees announce the recipients, generally in October/November, of each year.

(b) Submit a brief biographical letter citing educational history, marine experience, also career and vocational aspirations. In this section it is recommended to specifically detail the Nautical Certificate sought.

(c) Provide on one page a budget outlining your anticipated income and expenses for the period of study for which the Scholarship is being sought.

(d) Provide two letters of reference relating to previous employment or education.

(e) Provide proof of registration at a Nautical College or a copy of correspondence indicating that acceptance at a college will be granted for the planned studies.

Please address your application to:

New contact information to be provided

Note:   Scholarships and applicable scholarship amounts will be reviewed and determined on an annual basis by the Directors of the Foundation.

Application Form – EN

Application Form – FR

Capt. G. O Baugh  

Capt. Baugh was a founding member, and a past National Master of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada.  His roots and marine career flourished on the West Coast.

His wife, Jean, was the first secretary of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada, and the widow of Captain G.O.Baugh, and through her will, $5000 was funded to the Company of Master Mariners in honour of Capt. Baugh to promote scholarships and marine education support for marine nautical students.  This bequest was rolled into the Foundation for future management and distribution to deserving students. 

Capt. John Storey

Capt. Storey was a founding member of the Great Lakes Division of the Company of Master Mariners and served in various executive positions over the years.

A Master Mariner, Capt. Storey served his sea time up to command position on ocean and coastal vessels, and in the Great Lakes and Seaway.  His passion was training those beneath him and advancing marine careers through knowledge, skills and experience.

After his passing and the passing of his wife Ann, the family generously donated $10,000 for the purposes of scholarships and support of marine education for marine students of Georgian College, Owen Sound.

His bequest was further turned over to the Foundation by the Great Lakes Division of the Company of Master Mariners to support the ongoing objectives of the Foundation in support of marine training and education.

Captain Angus McDonald, FNI

Captain McDonald made significant contributions to the maritime sector over the years through his work with Transport Canada, Canadian Coast Guard, the Nautical Institute, Canadian Executive Service Organization, and the International Ocean Institute – Canada.  He was a founding member and past president of the Atlantic Division of the Company of Master Mariners of Canada and a Fellow of the Nautical Institute. Angus was deeply involved in organizing numerous International Conferences and seminars on a wide range of shipping issues from Cleaner Seas to Criminalization of Seafarers to Arctic Shipping concerns and Autonomous Shipping. From 1984 to 1991 he was an instructor for Marine Safety Programs at the Nova Scotia Nautical Institute in Halifax.  Between 1985 and 1991 he established and ran the Sea Venture Society, a non-profit sail training venture for young people, giving them experience at sea on a tall ship sailing out of Halifax.  

Capt. Rick Gates

 Patrick “Rick” Gates, F.N.I., former National President of the Master Mariners of Canada, died in August at the age of 77. 

Rick was a Fellow of the Nautical Institute, and National President of the Master Mariners of Canada in 2014-17. He organized, jointly with the Nautical Institute, and Dalhousie University, multiple seminars on subjects as diverse as “Arctic Search and Rescue”, “Places of Refuge for Distressed ships”, “The criminalization of the mariner”, and “Security of Ships, Ports, and Coasts”. These seminars bring together Federal and Provincial government bodies, the Nautical Institute, Classification Societies, the legal community, the Armed Forces, the Canadian Coast Guard, and Port Authorities, to listen to distinguished speakers, and to discuss important marine issues in an atmosphere of collegiality, and open-mindedness. This is Rick’s lasting legacy. 

Foundation Scholarship Fund Awards Winners

Scholarships were first given out in 1981, and to date, in excess of $100,000 has been awarded to navigation marine students across Canada..



Ashley Obeck, Marine Campus, BCIT

Jacob Trahan, Institut Maritime du Québec


Kyle Clare, Marine Campus, BCIT

André Simões Ré, Marine Institute, Newfoundland


Yevgeny Belgradov, Georgian College

Matthew Merrifield, Georgian College

Dylan Shaver, Marine Campus, BCIT


Thomas Monsma, Georgian College

Havill Leitch, Marine Campus, BCIT


Alexander Brisson, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Stephen Lavigne, Marine Campus, BCIT


Claude Beaudoin, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Sandra Lebon, Marine Campus, BCIT

Theodore Roche, NSCC Port Hawkesbury


Laurier Boudreau, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Sarah Bidner, Marine Campus, BCIT

Rhianna Henderson, Marine Campus, BCIT


Matthew Henri, NSCC, Port Hawkesbury

Tim Westmoreland, Georgian College


Phoebe Gilday, Marine Campus, BCIT

Jordi Rickaby, Marine Campus, BCIT


Jason Davenport, Georgian College, Great Lakes

Gabriel Nault, Marine Institute, Newfoundland


Julie Lamoureux, Institut Maritime du Québec

Tavis Storey, Marine Campus, BCIT


James Bone, Marine Campus, BCIT

Melanie Wynter, Nautical Institute, Port Hawkesbury


Jane Woo, Marine Campus BCIT


Sarah Needham, Georgian College, Great Lakes


David Anderson, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Mathew Taylor, Georgian College, Great Lakes


Marie-Helene Roy, Institut Maritime du Québec

Quin Macey, Marine Campus, BCIT


Oleg Degtyarenko, Marine Campus, BCIT

Francois-Mathieu Dugal, Institut Maritime du Québec


Cheryl Caldwell, Marine Campus, BCIT

Crystal Patten, Marine Institute, Newfoundland


Scott Mouton, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Audrey Tremblay, Marine Institute, Newfoundland


Karren Duff, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Laura Anne Lacroix, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Brook Shipp, Georgian College, Great Lakes

Etienne Boileau, Institute Maritime, Québec


Erika Borgeault, Marine Campus, BCIT

Bruno Boissonneault, Institute Maritime, Québec

Duncan Roberts, Georgian College, Great Lakes

Heather McIntyre, Georgian College


Marie-Eve Lassard, Institut Maritime du Québec

Melissa Tambeau, Institut Maritime du Québec

Texas J. Constantine, Marine Campus, BCIT


J. Peter Adams, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Melanie LeBlanc, Institut Maritime du Québec

Manou Bernard, Institut Maritime du Québec


Karen Halliday

Colleen Kearns


Ernest Dawson

Harvey Vardy


Dexter Eddy, Marine Institute, Newfoundland

Edward Sweeney


Lynn  Dawson

Swawn Hill