Our Membership Benefits

Our members enjoy:

  • Developing and sharing best practices in the international maritime industry.
  • Attending conferences and seminars across the country on topics of interest to the Merchant Service and mariners.
  • Taking part in a member forum to discuss their industry’s future and have their views taken into consideration by those involved in developing marine policies, legislation, and regulation.
  • Connecting with other seafarers and industry stakeholders, including regulators, associations, and agencies worldwide.
  • Supporting the education and training of cadets and students considering seafaring as a profession.
  • Belonging to a respected organization with international recognition for its expertise.

Membership Dues and Fees

The Company offers these categories of Membership

  • Full Member $200.00 / year
  • Associate Member $120.00 / year
  • Cadet Member $20.00 / year

The company also offers Corporate Memberships

  • up to 2 members $350 / year
  • up to 7 members $1200 / year
  • up to 12 members $2000 / year

Any questions you may have, please contact the Division of interest.

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