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Vancouver Island Division

History Of Vancouver Island Division

The Vancouver Division was comprised of members from the lower Mainland and from Vancouver Island however, due to the length of travel time to Vancouver and return to the Island, it was decided to form an Island Division and they chose Nanaimo to be the central point.

Captain Syd Palmer and several other members took on this project to establish a Company presence on Vancouver Island and was also instrumental in securing a meeting place at the Nanaimo Port Authority Board room.

Captain R (Bob) Osbourne was the first Divisional Master at the helm, to conduct meetings from the Nanaimo Port Authority under the watchful eye of Captain Allan Cabot.

The membership in the earlier days was over 30 but, as time moved on, membership dwindled to a point of near closing the Division.  Today we’re back to a healthy 28 members with several Corporate members.

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