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Capital Division

History of Capital Division

The Capital Division, located in Ottawa, is one of the oldest Divisions in the Company of Master Mariners of Canada and dates from March 1974, when accepted into what was at that time the Canadian Institute of Master Mariners.

The Institute was founded two years earlier, in 1972, with Chapters in Montreal and Toronto, by a group of like-minded master-mariners seeking to establish a professional organization to represent the interests of the profession and those of seafarers and the maritime industry as a whole.

The Company of Master Mariners of Canada started operations in Vancouver in 1967, with similar objectives to the Institute. So that Members of both bodies would have equal representation from coast to coast, amalgamation discussions began in 1975.

On January 1st, 1976, the two groups completed the merger under the Company of Master Mariners of Canada’s title. The Company has divisions on both coasts, in the Great Lakes at Toronto and an Ottawa/Hull Division, now known as the Capital Division. The Division has been fully active over the years, pursuing the Company’s objectives.

In Ottawa, we still have six members who were with the Institute in 1974 – a testimony to the commitment of membership.

Address: 33 Selena, East Angus, QC  J0B 1R0.